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The Executive Coach
 (Organizational Development Practitioner)

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As an Executive Coach, also known as an Organizational Development Practitioner, I provide guidance and advise business organizations, including churches, to improve efficiency, enhance operations, and drive profitability without cutting departments or personnel.  This role involves examining both big-picture aspects of businesses and smaller components of their structure and operation, such as individual departments, to identify areas for improvement and introduce new strategies.

I work with business leaders and owners by providing expertise and offering guidance to solve the organization's issues and help it run more efficiently and effectively. I am the "Leader of Change".  I ensure the balance profitability and operational goals with personnel retention through a focus on human capital and organizational psychology.

As an Executive Coach, I will...

Analyze Operations and Personnel

  •  Analyze operations, processes, and management of the business as a whole

  • Examine individual departments and interview personnel to learn more about employee development processes and how they support business goals and identify areas where these processes can be improved to help the business run more efficiently

Advise and Guide Leaders

  • Provide and direct advice, guidance, and oversight to executives, Human Resource departments, and managers

  • Share strategies to improve efficiency, drive revenue growth, and retain talented employees through development programs

  • Present ideas to leaders and teams to convince them of the benefits of a particular course of action

Support Hiring Efforts

  • Assist directly with interviewing and hiring candidates for key positions

  • Work with Human Resources departments or leaders to create or identify positions that fit into new plans for organizational development change, provide direct input on candidates, and even sit in on interviews

Train Employees on New Methods

  • Work closely with employees to introduce new methodologies and train staff and departments

  • Organize group training sessions or work one-on-one with employees 

  • Train Human Resource professionals to conduct regular training and development sessions

Guide Restructuring Activities

  • Take an active role in restructuring departments or changing the way they utilize personnel to increase efficiency and align department activities with overall business goals

  • Help determine how their clients can best allocate resources and personnel and employs methods to increase cross-functionality and interdepartmental cooperation


Measure Impact of New Programs and Efforts

  • Assess the impact of their advice and guidance through follow-up visits and meetings with clients 

  • Measure the impact their changes have had on performance, efficiency, employee retention and satisfaction, and overall business goals

  • Provide further advice and guidance if certain elements are not working



 to  SUCCESS through


LEARN THE SKILL OF  COACHING to build better relationships with those who you lead.

COACH OTHERS TO SUCCESS rather than telling them what to do.

EMPOWER OTHER TO SHARPEN THEIR  ABILITY TO solve problems and achieve results.

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