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Are you longing to build a business doing what you love, but you just can’t figure out how to actually make money with your passion, skills, experience and expertise?  

100 Days of WINNING 

  • "The Winning Plan": 14-Week Course & Journal

  • Winning Master Classes 

  • Winning Coaching Calls (3)

  • Daily Winning Motivational Messages

  • Member of the 100 Days of Winning Facebook Tribe

  • Program Cost: $1587  (3 Payments of $529) 

Consider 100 Days of Winning as the best Gift to yourself.  You will gain insight and tools that will help you to explore the passions that are in you.  You will leave feeling confident and excited about building and growing a business that is stimulated by your passions.  It is not too late to manage your paths as an entrepreneur, or even a PassionPreneur.  You will learn how you can make profits now!


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